Baby Chinchillas As Pets

Baby Chinchillas As Pets


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    Sabrina GiesenMist, habe den Kommentar gestern nach Mitternacht abgegeben.. Kann man den davor noch für den 14.10. werten? Und nochmals:BLUUUUUUUUEEEE MAAAAN GROOOOOUUUUP!


    Keep these articles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

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    I dont get the sweedes. With all the problems they have with the immigrants, why doesn’t Sverigedemokraterne have more than 4.2%. I just don’t get it. In Norway we have a party that is very similar to Sverigedemokraterne, called FrP (Fremskrittspartiet), and it has been the second largest party for some time now, currently at 23.4%.It almost seems that the sweedes are only too happy sending their country down the toilet.

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