Saltwater Fish Atlanta

Saltwater Fish Atlanta


  1. BrianJ,Another problem with earmarks is they are essentially legalized bribery. “Vote yes on our bill and we’ll send $10M into your district, that will help you get re-elected.”Sometimes the bribery relates to who gets the earmark such as the $1M earmark that Obama requested to be given to the hospital where his wife works.I agree with Senator McCain – we should get rid of earmarks entirely, they are a bad idea.

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    Thanks so much for this Tim, much appreciated! Didn’t know much about the player, so good to read a detailed analysis on the player.Certainly seems like he has something about him, and if he does as well as Westwood has, we’ll be on to a winner should there be any truth in the rumour.

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    Not buying it. If you really cared about protecting kids, you'd remove the accounts of predators who clearly demonstrate grooming behavior of children. Not to name names, but their initials are the same as "You Travel As Skillfully Kind." Don't expect us to understand when you terminate accounts opened and owned by parents and monitored by them–then refuse to tell them why.

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    Ben ???J’apprend par voie de presse que c’est le 11 Novembre !Trop fort de faire ouvrir le resto rien que pour nous !!Oui j’y serai .Merci Sophie .

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